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First of all I want to thank my Parents for this life and support of my family in every step which was significant in our growth.

It all started with my father Late Sri K. PARAMASWARAKURUP, A renowned Ayurveda practitioner, who had a license from Travancore Medical Council in 1947. As a toddler I have heard him brainstorming about what would be an edible appetite for infants to elders. His knowledge was beyond time and I was immensely motivated by his techniques in his field. And then I was introduced by him to the world of Millets saying “Millets can be a good nutritional food supplement for all ages”.

And that’s where a THOUGHT which was just a belief at that point in time became my DREAM and from there onwards it was thirst to make it a Reality. In 1972, as a young entrepreneur my journey with JEEVANS started and later on went on to be termed as Jeevans House.

As Jeevans we boldly stepped into baby food manufacturing ,which was till then an industry dominated by giant transnational’s and in those times creating foot hold into this specific industry was just a dream to dare. With full faith in my vision and non-deterring attitude I went ahead on a journey to transform my dreams into reality. Since I was part of a family who for generations has been clinicians it always helped me in my scientific orientation in knowing the contents of medicine and foods.

Jeevans had chosen Ragi (Finger Millet, EleusineCoracana) as the basic ingredients. We started a small manufacturing unit at Kothamangalam in Central Kerala, India. In 2005, we commissioned our new production facility at Pollachi in Tamil Nadu prepped up production capacity to 5 tons per day. Over the years we built our brand around ‘Ragitone’ which is best known as a “solid food”. It became a household name since then and it is well served to Malayalee’s who live across continents. Gradually we ventured into new product portfolio and we added ‘Ragivitta’ herb enriched food supplement for diabetic patients and ‘Jeevans Baby Massage Oil’ for complete skin care from the treasure house of Ayurveda.

Like they say Innovation is the mother for all successes, trends kept changing so with the movement I saw people being prone to diseases in this modern community because of their food eating habits. So the focus now shifted to help the Diabetic, Obesity, Hypertensive, Hypercholesterolemia and Heart deceases from people around the world. My added reason to begin with such a thing is because I needed help too, I am a Diabetic – I hate those Insulin injections. Wanted something that could provide us energy to do our day to day work and my solution for all this would be a millets diet which will help to ease out Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Hypercholesterolemia ,High blood pressure, cholesterol levels, risk of wheezing and asthma among children’s, blocks of genetic code, migraine attacks and nervous system.

Life style of a person suffering from or prone to any of these problems is brought back to normalcy by the use of these millets based value added products. Years of research at Jeevans house has resulted in the discovery of an innovative processing method that helped us to find out these millets based products. Jeevans house is always happy to be at your service with more & more quality lifestyle products which remain as our long standing goal.


Jeevans House draws tremendous technical support from the Central Food Technology Research Institute (CFTRI) of the Government of India. Jeevans House has developed several innovative Millets products like, Finger Millet (Ragi) Based Ragitone (Nutritional Food Supplement) Barnyard Millet (kuthiravaley), Sorghum Millet (VellaCholam),Pearl Millet (Kambu), Foxtail Millet (Thenai), Proso Millet (PaniVaragu), Kodo Millet (Varagu), Little Millet (Samai),Mixed Millets Powder, Ragi Powder, Ragi Cereal Rice (Decorticated Ragi), Ragi Rava Roasted, Ragi Dosamix, Ragi Idlymix, Ragi Puttupodi and Barley Powder.

It gives me immense pleasure to claim that our production process does not involve any chemical treatment and we follow Natural Raw procedure only, thus we provide natural food all the way.

Jeevans is my life and it gives me immense satisfaction to serve people in the best possible way and if I can make a small difference in one’s life is my biggest achievement.

Thanking You
K.P Gopinath
chairman's desk
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