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Tradition Of Trust
We at Jeevans House are proud to be established as the pioneers in manufacturing millet based food products in India for more than 50 glorious years.
Good Food culture has been backbone of Indian civilization. For generations people were dependent of self grown grains like millets which are considered to be golden grains.Even until 50 years ago millets was the major grain grown in India. From a staple food and integral part of local food cultures, just like many other things, millets have come to be looked down upon by modern urban consumers as “coarse grains” – something that their village ancestors may have lived on, but that they had left behind and exchanged for a more “refined” diet.

Why Choose Us

Breaking The Myth

There is no better cereal than millets which has been proven in ages. Any other processed food cannot be a replacement for millets.

Innovation & Awards

Jeevans House is the pioneer to build an enterprise serving people of all ages with quality food and therefore has been appraised with many awards and recognitions.

Customer is King

For all these years we have strived towards excellence by serving each and every customer and hence we value them the most.

  • 1972

    A humble beginning of the enterprise by Food Tech Enthusiast Mr. KP Gopinath. The launch was with our flagship product Ragitone to the market.

  • 1987

    Development and launch of medicinal value product Ragivitta which was effective for diabeties and was pronound across India.

  • 1990

    Had set up a semi- manufacturing unit at Kothamangalam, Kerala with minimal capacity and low budget manufacturing machinery.

  • 1993

    Introduced premium Baby Massage Oil with the concept of traditional massage and bath for newborns.

  • 1994

    Built a full fledged manufacturing unit in Pollachi integrating ISO standards.

  • 2010

    Received Honorary certificate on outstanding Industry usage of Ragi decortication and ragi flaking.

  • 2011

    Was Honored by receiving "Gem Of India" award.

  • 2019

    Introduced and set up a full fledged distribution channel across South India.

  • 2022

    Celebrating the prestigious Golden Jubilee of completing 50 Years in the market.

Our Vision that drives us in the frontline

From the founder and his ancestors we have been inherited the great dream of serving mankind with food that helps to build good health.

Jeevans House as leading millets food manufacturer in India is working towards the dream that has been the back bone of the company. Be it the sourcing of the raw materials or maintaining a standardized HASSAP processes within the manufacturing unit we strive to stand up to the vision that built us over the years.

Our Mission is to create healthy lifestyle

To provide natural, cost effective and healthy food to the people across the country.
Our every day effort is to make Jeevans House and its products the most used millet based food supplement in India. We work towards our mission to be known as the most trusted millet based food product manufacturer in India, where our customers and consumers can trust us for a complete healthy lifestyle.

Chariman’s Desk

First of all I want to thank my Parents for this life and support of my family in every step which was significant in our growth.
It all started with my father Late Sri K. PARAMASWARAKURUP, A renowned Ayurveda practitioner, who had a license from Travancore Medical Council in 1947. As a toddler I have heard him brainstorming about what would be an edible appetite for infants to elders. His knowledge was beyond time and I was immensely motivated by his techniques in his field. And then I was introduced by him to the world of Millets saying “Millets can be a good nutritional food supplement for all ages”.

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