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Private labelling of food products in Kerala is an on-demanding industry that makes substantial inroads in various food marketing. It is a booming phenomenon and centrepiece of modern retail marketing. Retailers benefit from product labelling services. Many private label food products are occupying a great place in all supermarkets, malls and grocery stores. Consumers acknowledge the product as the quality has been assured a long time ago and the only difference is its brand name.

At Jeevans House, We encourage private labelling of millet-based products in the food industry. Our millet-based premium food products are provided to retailers who wish to launch their own private label food products. When you seek our cooperation as a branded manufacturer in the production of private label, developing a customer loyalty program and achieving higher margins is attainable.

We acknowledge that being a retailer you possess more demand information than us. To keep up with the demand rise, you need to assure intrinsic quality and services of the manufacturer. When the existing branded product becomes a premium item, private labelling will prevail better in future.

We manufacture millet-based food products and are ready to sell them to retailers as well as wholesalers to hit the target with private label products; with their labels or not.

Types of Private Labelling We Undertake

The manufacturer’s prominence and reputation as a co-packer will directly increase the private label product’s competitiveness in the market. We provide private label products to different kinds of retailers

1. Complete rebranding

We manufacture millet-based food products and sell them to you as per your requirements. We ensure technical and visual aspects of the product such as packaging, labelling and are compatible with your requirements and needs.

2. The retailer is the co-packer

We provide bulk quantities of millet-based food products as per your demand. We provide products directly to you where you take care of packing and labelling in your own warehouse and using technical facilities.

3. We manufacture and co-pack

If you are a quality retailer who needs specific products focusing on packaging and labelling, we will provide millet-based products in an exclusive manner. Your raw materials are used in our manufacturing and technical facilities to pack and label.

4. Marketing is all yours

The importance of the brand is never taken away from the manufacturer but the whole credit of marketing is imposed on you. You can sell the branded premium product as private labelled products with your name engraved under marketing.
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