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Jeevans House is a brand that has a strong presence in the food market both in national and international markets. Highly nutritional millets are the basic ingredient of our food products. Each food product is a value-added product manufactured through innovation and constant experiments by experts in laboratories. A person who intakes our product feels more energized, capable and brisk as the nutritional value of millet is retained in all phases of manufacturing.

Apart from Finger Millet, we also manufacture value-added products from other millets such as Foxtail millet, Barnyard millet and Broom-corn millet. Our research and development team as well as sophisticated manufacturing unit ensure each product is highly nutritional to contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

At Jeevans House, we not only engage in producing optimal, value-added products from millets but innovative to create new products from the same. We are well equipped with a research team. Development team backed with technological amenities to carry out product development. We carefully consider your specific requirement and come up with a tailored product to introduce in the niche market. Quality and perseverance drive our team. The content and happy customer stories throughout the past decade is fail-proof evidence of our ability to satiate the growing customer preferences.

Our Product Development Forms


Improvement of an existing product

Our research and development team is keen on diversifying or improving an existing product based on millet. The product you have can be improvised according to your specific requirements. After a careful analysis of the existing product and requirements, we come up product as you prescribed in colour, texture, aroma and shelf life.

The invention of compound food product

The product you sell in the market can be introduced as a ‘new product’ by adding millet as an ingredient as you desire. If you ardently wish to make a millet compound, our research and development team can lend their hands to make it palatable. So, it can be sold as part of daily food intake because of millet presence.

On-demand Millet based product

Apart from improving and compounding a product, we are also adept at inventing a whole millet-based product for retailers as well as wholesalers. Our research and development team carefully contemplate the best possibilities and make the product development based on millet a success. As per your demand, we can concoct for you.
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