Ragi Idly Mix

Jeevans Ragi Idly mix contains several health friendly nutrients that are required for proper functioning of the body. Iron and copper content in millets are needed for the production of blood cells and to improve blood oxygenation. It also contains phosphorus which is conducive to control blood pressure. These minerals, along with the phyto-nutrients can helps to build a formidable defence against all types of diseases and cancers.  Rich iron content in Ragi, makes it a perfect food for curing anaemia. It also contains natural calcium deposit which strengthens the bones, if consumed on a regular basis. Consumption of Ragi helps in speedy recovery from fractures and prevents arthritis.

Preparation Method:
Mix 1 cup of Jeevans Ragi Idly Mix with 1.5 cup of water, add salt to taste. Keep aside the mixture for 5-6 hours or overnight. Make delicious Jeevans Ragi idly using idly mold and a steaming vessel.Serve hot.

500g refill pack. Available at leading medical shops and department stores.

*Best before 9 months from packaging.

Nutritional Facts : (Approx: values) / 100 g
Energy value 361.6 kcal

  • Total carbohydrate77.4 g
  • Total Protein10.3 g
  • Total Fat1.2 g
  • Crude Fiber1.7 g
  • Calcium153.9 mg
  • Phosphorous65.1 mg
  • Iron2.7 mg
  • Zinc1.2 mg