Ragi Powder

Pregnant and lactating women are advised to consume Jeevans Ragi Powder in high amounts to increase the production of breast milk in the body and it will enable the mother to feed the child for a longer period of time. Because of high level of magnesium, Ragi is a great food for women who suffer from unbearable pain and cramps during their menstrual cycle. Phosphorus content in millet helps to structure the cells in the body.
It is an essential component of numerous compounds including Adenosine triphosphate or ATP which enhances energy in the body. Phosphorus is also an essential component of lipid containing structures, such as cell membranes and central nervous system structure. A cup of millet will provide you with 17% of your daily phosphorus intake requirement.

Ingredients: RagiSeeds

Directions to prepare:
Take two table spoons of JEEVANS RAGI POWDER  in a clean bowl. Add 250 ml of cool water or milk, stir it well and boil the mixture till it become a semi solid form. Add sugar or salt to taste.

Try recipes of cookies, rotti, modak etc. with Jeevans Ragi Powder.

500g Refill pack. Available at all leading medical shops, bakeries and department Stores.

Best before 9 months from packaging.

Nutritional Facts : Approximate main nutrient per serving of 100g 370 calories from 2.3% fat

  • Total carbohydrate73 g
  • Total Protein15 g
  • Total Fat2.8 mg
  • Cured Fiber40 (1%)
  • Calcium40 mg
  • Sodium4.03 mg
  • Iron20 mg