Ragi For Weight Loss

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Ragi For Weight Loss

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Weight For Everyone

Weight loss is difficult, easy, and unique as the people themselves since everyone loses weight differently, so it is important to approach weight loss from an inclusive angle of difficulty and ragi serves that purpose effectively. Positive changes to dietary habits are an easy milestone to achieve, low risk, and many a time the cheapest way to reduce weight as well. Ragi is also known as finger millet has become a choice of millets for fitness enthusiasts for its many dietary qualities even though in India, ragi has been a de facto baby food across states and regions within the country.      

Food For Thought

Ragi is rich in fiber, so it improves digestion, which is usually the biggest obstacle to most weight loss journeys. It doesn’t matter how one decides to lose weight, be it lifting weights, doing yoga, or cross-fit, a normally working digestive system really helps in bringing in the results one expects from the journey. Ragi is also not processed, so most of the ragi one consumes is fresh and natural, and given its nature of farming,  adulteration is also something ragi is never burdened with. Ragi is also rich in protein, while not in the best percentage, but ragi is one of the protein delivery foods where there is no fat or cholesterol, which is the case with most sources of protein. 

Attack & Heal

Another interesting health benefit of Ragi is its ability to relax the body and induce sleep, many forget the importance of sleep in the process of weight loss. The body needs to repair itself when one begins to lose weight, some view weight loss as a brute force method of melting fat into carbohydrates on a 24/7/365 cycle. Instead, the weight loss process should be seen as a tactical cycle of attack and healing, and ragi helps in both these cycles. Ragi is rich in protein and antioxidants, is the perfect companion for any weight loss journey.       

Feel Good & Look Good

Methionine and Lysine are abundantly present in Ragi, if you have not heard of these amino acids, you are not alone, not only found in ragi, they are also found in many cosmetics products catering to reduce skin dullness, wrinkles, and rashes. Ragi is rich in them, another reason for using ragi is the presence of keratin and protein. Hair Fall is not a huge mystery, your hair needs protein and keratin, lots of them, but the body allocates most of the protein consumed to repair muscles, internal organs, and hair is not seen as a vital organ on the priority list by the body. 

Below are some recipes with Ragi for everyone from sweet tooths to the practical bores among us. Click on the titles to go to the recipe page.

Ragi Soup – Non-processed soups are endangered and rare.

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