Seasonal Products

Agriculture and animal husbandry are interdependent in fulfilling some food needed by people and animals. At Jeevans House, we have adopted agricultural operations expanding expertise in cattle farming, seasonal crops combining industrial waste from our manufacturing unit. Our millet-based products are manufactured as per high standards. The wastewater and other waste from manufacturing units are used to cultivate food crops in an organic way. The manure from the livestock farm is also used for agricultural operations. So, the crops will have high nutritional value using any organic fertilizers.
Seasonal crops are cultivated organically. At Jeevans house, product manufacturing, livestock farming and cultivation of seasonal crops are carried out in a cycle. Without one another cannot sustain. We manufacture seasonal products using our own seasonal crops and dairy products and are available as per demand to wholesalers and retailers.

Mango Pulp

Mango is called the king of tropical fruit and abundant source of vitamin A and Vitamin B. At Jeevans House, we manufacture Mango pulp from fully ripened mangoes. The possibilities of ripened mangoes are endless. The mango pulp we make is delicious and exotic and used as a base product for squashes and jams. It contains antioxidants and phenolic compounds. Rich in nutritional content it provides the best value in the niche market.

Passion Fruit Pulp

Passion fruit is a delicious fruit that has fascinating taste determined by the type of fruit. The produced passion fruits are to be preserved in pulp form to have more shelf life. Our scientific method of combination maintains the aroma, taste and clour for twelve months. The citric acid and sugar ratio is well balanced and has only negligible losses of important nutrients. So, our passion fruit pulp is a value-added product that you can optimally choose.

Dried Curd Chilly

The dried curd chilly we provide is 100% organic as we use our own cow milk and chillies to make the product. The mild pleasant flavour and sweet aroma along with the creamy white colour of curd are obtained by fermenting our own cowmilk. The chilly also surpass high quality and is meticulously selected to provide the perfect rich taste.
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