Top 4 recipes to feed your 6 month infant

baby food at 6 months

Top 4 recipes to feed your 6 month infant

baby food at 6 months

Introducing solid meals to your baby is an exciting milestone. When you begin introducing solid meals to children, you are assisting them in shaping their connection with food and establishing a healthy eating style. The age at which solid meals are introduced depends on the newborn, however it is not suggested before the age of 4 months or introducing baby foods after 6 months.

Not sure what to feed your 6 months baby? Consider the following suggestions.

Babies may begin to chew baby food at 6 months. Though this ability will not be mastered right away, they are usually ready to get messy with some mushy, pureed foods, which will help them learn about flavor and texture. The objective at this age is not to fill your baby with full meals of solid foods, but rather to pique your child’s interest in and excitement about their culinary possibilities.

Because newborns develop so quickly, their iron requirements are significant in order to prevent iron deficiency and promote their general health. Provide iron-rich meals to your child. Avoid adding solid food to baby bottles to safeguard your baby from choking.

Top 3 Dishes to feed your 6 month baby:

  1. Banana Puree

Banana Puree – simple mash recipe for bananas for babies. Bananas are the most popular baby food for 6 months infants due to its excellent taste, low allergenicity, and creaminess. They are also high in nutrients, keeping infants full for a long period and aiding in healthy weight gain.

  1. Rice Porridge

Rice porridge is an excellent first food for newborns when they have reached the age of six months since it is readily digested and less prone to trigger allergic responses. It is best to feed this rice porridge to your infant in a diluted version at first. Once your six month infant is used to it baby food, you may give it somewhat thicker.

  1. Ragi Porridge

Ragi is a nutritious and healthful grain for newborns. It is high in calcium and hence helps to build the baby’s bones. Because it is high in dietary fiber, it promotes healthy weight growth. This baby food for six months contains proteins and minerals that are easily digested. Because ragi has no distinct flavor, its porridge can be prepared in two ways: sweet or salty.

  1. Dal ka Pani

Dal ka Pani is a watery lentil soup served as a first feeding for newborns once they reach the age of six months, alongside rice. When introducing this baby food to your six month infant, make Dal ka pani with moong dal or masoor dal, which are easier for newborns to stomach. You might attempt toor dal once your infant is familiar with it. In addition, this lentil soup must be watery when first introduced; gradually lower the amount of water to make it thicker and more filling for your infant.

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